At Dovel, we are proud of our innovative and entrepreneurial culture. We are continually growing and are committed to maintaining the spirit found in start-ups. We encourage our employees to bring ideas forward, whether it is for solving a customer challenge or a way to enrich our community.

Our Core Values


  • We expect the highest ethical standards in our day-to-day business dealings
  • We cherish an environment where trust and honesty are never questioned


  • We collaborate and communicate for team success
  • We reward and recognize outstanding team performance


  • We value and strive to create and maintain an entrepreneurial environment and culture that fosters innovation
  • Our thought leaders provide innovative and creative thinking to our customers and our solutions

Customer Focus

  • We listen and are responsive to customer needs
  • We provide the highest quality and excellence in our solutions, services, and products
  • We remain flexible and quick to meet and exceed customer expectations

Employee Focus

  • We provide personal growth through learning and mentoring
  • We operate in an environment where new ideas are embraced
  • We reward and recognize outstanding performance
  • We celebrate success and have fun!