Intelliun: Model-Driven Development for Service-Oriented Business Applications

Taking a model-driven approach to implementing and representing Services is a core Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) best practice. The central technical challenge of SOA is building and maintaining the business Service abstraction, and maintaining that abstraction relies upon creating and maintaining the Service model. Ideally, organizations should be able to use the Service model to create working implementations of the underlying Services, as well as for representing the composition of those Services into Service-Oriented Business Applications.

Intelliun’s model-driven approach to Service development supports this vision for the Service model. Intelliun helps to transition firms that have well-developed, but entrenched experience in traditional software development to a Service-oriented approach that can help companies achieve the agility benefits they so desire. Intelliun’s VE Software Platform’s model-driven approach follows an important SOA best practice.[hide -1]Download File[/hide][hide +0]Register to Access this Document[/hide]