Skyway Software: A Collaborative, Model-Driven Approach to Service Development

As companies look to migrate to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and adopt Service-oriented approaches in their organizations, the biggest challenge is often aligning, educating, and informing the IT teams on how to best make the transition. Too often, the business desires for Service Orientation outpace the capabilities of IT to deliver on the SOA vision. As such, companies often seek incremental approaches that get the organization closer to their SOA goals without requiring that they bite off too much at once.

While an iterative approach does not necessarily guarantee that a company will realize all the benefits of SOA, such as loose coupling, composability of Services, Service reuse, and increased agility, taking a step-wise approach to SOA can significantly increase a company’s chances of realizing long-term SOA success.

Skyway Software’s model-driven approach to Service development helps to transition firms that have well-developed, but entrenched experience in traditional software development to an iterative, Service-oriented approach that can help companies get the benefits they so desire without necessitating dramatic changes to the IT status quo.
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