Web Age Solutions: Deep SOA Training for a Wide Range of Audiences

Companies are quickly realizing that doing Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) right means more than simply picking a set of tools and implementing some code. Indeed, companies are now clamoring for more information and guidance on SOA best practices, which has led to an upswing in the market for Enterprise Architecture-focused training and mentorship.

To address a growing demand, Web Age Solutions has put together a comprehensive SOA training program for managers, architects, and developers. Some highlights from this curriculum include high-level executive training, hands-on technical courses for both developers and testing personnel, and deep best practice instruction for architects.Their SOA courseware falls into four general tracks: SOA discovery, SOA strategy, SOA application development, and SOA optimization, enabling Web Age to offer a set of courses for any individual or organization who wishes to improve their knowledge of and capabilities with SOA.[hide -1]Download File[/hide][hide +0]Register to Access this Document[/hide]