23 Aug


Do you Yammer?  Do you know what you’re missing?

Yammer is a social media platform designed exclusively for business collaboration. Like Facebook or LinkedIn, Yammer allows users to create a profile, share updates and news, and comment on other’s posts. All of this is done within the security and privacy of the Dovel network – only team members with a doveltech.com email address have access.

As part of our migration to Office 365, all employees now have access to Yammer. Now that we’ve had a couple months under our belt with the platform, we’re going to extend the use. Yammer is now the place to go for company news, employee profiles, project spotlights, and more. We’ll continue to publish our quarterly newsletter, Access Dovel, but you’ll see those articles and photos on Yammer first!

Beyond pushing news to you, Yammer has already proven to be a great way for employees across the company to share their own ideas and collaborate across teams.

With Yammer employees can:

  • Join or create peer/affinity groups
  • Share what they are seeing/experiencing with our clients
  • Share ideas/news in technology
  • Discuss ideas and review contributions asynchronously
  • Learn from each other, discover new co-workers and groups, and build relationships

If you have not already, please take a moment to visit the Yammer site and check out what you’ve already missed!