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The Challenge

Interoperability between disparate systems is a challenge in any field that deals with lots of data. Despite systems that are technically interoperable, integration or communication among these systems often fail because they are not speaking the same language.

The Solution

Dovel helps systems speak to one another, through the use of our terminology services, to include controlled terminologies and ontologies. Our experience has shown that terminology provides a semantics layer to systems that can connect disparate data for more accurate aggregation of data, error reduction in data retrieval, and desired interoperability. We have a proven process for creating tools that can be used in a semantic infrastructure.

Client Results

The solution includes more than just standardization of terms. We start with a concept that has a unique meaning and then determine synonyms that are vital to data aggregation and retrieval. We create relationships between concepts to show real world connections and we create definitions that clearly state the meaning of a concept. Utilizing standard terminology provides a consistent vocabulary, a shared vernacular, and a common lexicon that facilitates interoperability. Currently we support systems housing over two million concepts.