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Dovel’s Jason Bloomberg is writing a series of columns for  on agencies that are finding success by taking innovative approaches using emerging technologies to create user-friendly IT solutions. Yes you read that right – success, federal agencies, innovative, emerging technology, user-friendly – all those concepts are in one sentence with no irony whatsoever…

We’re all reading these articles with great interest and are looking for ways to apply the concepts,  processes, and successes to our customers’ challenges.

Jason’s columns (to date) are highlighted below. We’ll post future stories on Facebook, Twitter (@doveltech), and

Can You Top the Federal Digital Strategy?  – a primer on the federal digital strategy, helping the government do more with less

How NASA Helped Open-Source Cloud Take Off – the story behind NASA’s role in OpenStack Compute, a solution that could serve as a cloud “operating system”

Press the Blue Button for Improved Customer Service – details on a Veterans Affairs initiative that enables patients to easily access and read their personal health records. The system (gasp!) puts an emphasis on being human readable rather than machine readable.

How the FBI Proves Agile Works for Government Agencies – a number of contractors found that moving the FBI off paper records and into a fully digital environment was “impossible.” The FBI made it work through the use of Agile – it wasn’t perfect, but it got them to where they needed to be.

Does a Cyber-9/11 Loom? — a primer on cybersecurity legislation and existing daily threats.

Email as a Service Not as Easy as it Sounds — why moving email to cloud should not be viewed as “low hanging fruit.”

5 Mobile Security Lessons from the Department of Defense — focus on empowering rather than restricting usage.


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