Dovel Releases 2016 Report on Corporate Quality Initiative

At the conclusion of each calendar year, the Dovel team takes stock of our performance as part of our Dovel World Class Quality Initiative and we compare results to the previous years. As part of our commitment to continual improvement, we analyze our past performance focusing on key quality metrics from software deliveries between 2008 and 2015. This report summarizes Dovel’s 2015 achievements that will serve as the benchmark for future goals.

The Dovel metrics program measures specific aspects of software quality including defect potentials and defect removal efficiency. We measure defect potential in terms of function points. Function points measure the logical size of functionality delivered to an end user and are an industry standard for measuring the size of a software system. We measure defect removal efficiency as the percentage of defects that were found and removed before the software release was deployed to the client’s production system.

Since inception of this report in 2008 Dovel’s performance continues to improve with an average of 0.3 defect potentials per function point and a 93% defect removal rate. This is much better than industry averages of 5 and 85% respectively.

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