Accelerating discovery and advancing science – from bench to bedside.

Dovel is involved in all aspects of life sciences including bench work in laboratories, the analysis of data created by research, and the distribution of this data to scientists, clinicians, and patients. Using a unique combination of domain expertise and technology experience, we design solutions that enable customers to better use and disseminate research and data. Dovel’s solutions are not driven by a technology product or software. We provide vendor agnostic, strategic approaches to improve quality, reduce risk, and provide a tangible return on investment.

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Drug and Vaccine Development Support

Dovel has a deep understanding of drug and vaccine development including scientific research, process and system development, and data capture and management, to deliver actionable data to researchers as they make significant discoveries.

Basic/Bench Science Research

Dovel works directly supporting science and technology at the bench across all vaccine, immunology, and infectious disease domains.

Process Design and Development

Our team provides support for research that leads to the development of new vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics.

Assay Development

Our team creates assays to be used in research on infectious diseases and vaccine development through innovative new processes.

Non-Clinical Immunogenicity and Efficacy Studies

We use basic and clinical research to develop the tools and information needed to understand infection transmission and disease processes as well as improve treatment and prevention.

Regulatory Information Management

Understanding the regulatory process, we ensure systems are able to deliver the needed data in the proper format to move discoveries from laboratory to patient/consumer.

Clinical Trials Support

Dovel brings a deep working knowledge of regulatory processes and systems that govern clinical research and development. With clinical research requirements in mind, we develop and manage trials that meet the needs for data capture and management, workflow automation, quality systems, and business intelligence.

Quality and Regulatory Affairs

With intimate knowledge of the regulatory process, our solutions are designed with the highest quality standards and are aligned with the processes that govern the regulation and acceptance of scientific discoveries.

Clinical Trials Management Services

Dovel manages and supports Phase I and Phase II clinical trials testing including planning, conducting, and overseeing clinical trials protocols for an array of infectious diseases.

Patient Recruitment and Care

We are involved in all areas of patient recruitment in clinical trials including development, implementation, and evaluation of volunteer strategies and outreach efforts to increase the awareness of and enrollment into clinical trials.

Clinical Trials Data Management

Our data management responsibilities include design, development, deployment, and support of software for the collection and organization of data and for performing data analysis and interpretation.

Computational Biology

Data is not useful if it cannot be viewed in a meaningful manner. Our team creates tools to analyze and present data for genomics, 3-D viewers, molecular modeling and simulations, and more.

Data Visualization

Visualization is critical to the understanding of massive amounts of data. We develop solutions that aid in the understanding of processes affecting human health and disease, making information accessible, concise,
and end-user friendly.

Statistical Data Analysis

Dovel solves diverse research problems with an integrated team of computational biology specialists, bioinformatics software developers, and operations support staff.

Bioinformatics Tool Development and Training

We develop tools that help customers better manage, see, and share their data to enable scientific discoveries.

Biocomputing Resources

Biomedical informatics resources and data science techniques to help address scientific and clinical research challenges.

Taxonomy and Data Standards

In order to analyze and collate data, systems need to speak the same language. Dovel supports the development, mapping, and integration of taxonomies and ontologies for discovery, analysis, and inter-disciplinary collaboration.

Taxonomy and Data Standards Creation

We create standards that are being used for collection
and analysis of health information.

Taxonomy Publication and Maintenance

Our team leads efforts to publish standards data on schedule and that is accessible to all potential users.

Data Standards Utilization

Dovel provides knowledge and training on how to utilize common standards.

Created and maintain some of the largest, most publicly facing programs within the National Institutes of Health
Created Life Sciences applications used in 110 countries
Focused on infectious disease research, clinical trials, and basic research activities worldwide