Empowering data. Accelerating discovery.

Dovel is involved in all aspects of Life Sciences from bench work in laboratories, to the analysis of data created by research, to distribution of this data to scientists, clinicians, and patients. Using a unique combination of domain expertise and technology experience, we design solutions that enable customers to better use and disseminate research and data. Dovel's solutions are not driven by a technology product or software. We provide vendor agnostic, strategic approaches to improve quality, reduce risk, and provide a tangible return on investment.

Bench Science

Dovel teams are involved at the ground level of research, working with lab tools to develop new techniques for scientific discovery around infection transmission and immune responses.

Drug and Vaccine Development

Dovel has supported the full lifecycle of development from novel target discovery, to product development, to facilities management, to clinical trials support, to pre-market regulatory submission support.

Clinical Trials

Dovel brings a deep working knowledge of regulatory processes and systems that govern clinical research and development. With clinical research requirements in mind, we develop and manage trials that meet the needs for data capture and management, workflow automation, quality systems, and business intelligence.

Computational Biology

Data is not useful if it cannot be viewed in a meaningful manner. Our team creates tools to analyze and present data for genomics, 3-D viewers, molecular modeling and simulations, and more.

Taxonomy and Standards

In order to analyze and collate data, systems need to speak the same language. Dovel supports the development, mapping, and integration of taxonomies and ontologies for discovery, analysis, and inter-disciplinary collaboration.

Translational Medicine

Dovel supports this emerging practice of pulling together benchside, bedside, and community data for a more holistic view of patients and public health. Our experience working with big data, interoperability, taxonomies, and complex integration can help accelerate discoveries.

Created and maintain some of the largest, most publicly facing programs within the National Institutes of Health
Created Life Sciences applications used in 110 countries
Focused on infectious disease research, clinical trials, and basic research activities worldwide