A Governance-Lite Open Source Method for Service Registration, Discovery, and Composition?

We discovered some interesting work going on at NASA re Service Casting (distributing WSDL, WADL, OGC GetCapabilities, and plain old URLs of user interfaces via Atom Casting); coupled with an intuitive graphical method of composing services using an extension to Drupal called Talkoot, with Apache BPEL under the covers. What do others think of this lightweight, low cost SOA for the masses?

See http://sciflo.jpl.nasa.gov/scast/

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCzqPHfRLJc (about 3 minutes into the video)

for details. Combine that with a federated search service like:


and you have a composable earth science set of services that can adapt to things like responses to natural disasters in a big hurry.

Thanks to Drs. Chris Lynnes, Rahul Ramanchandran, and Brian Wilson for the ideas. We hope to get the resources to experiment with them in the near future.