Backbase: AJAX-based Rich Internet Applications

Users today increasingly demand more from their online user experiences. Gone are the days of static web pages and poor interaction; today’s new mantra is Rich Internet Applications. Combining real-time user interaction with rich user interface capabilities, Rich Internet Applications leverage increasingly sophisticated browser-side technology to enable users to interact with online, distributed applications as if they were on their own machine. Increasingly, companies are looking to Flash as well as Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX) based technologies to make their RIA wishes come true.

Pioneering the field of AJAX-based rich internet applications is BACKBASE, a software vendor that aims to simplify the way that RIAs are built, deployed, and consumed. The company aims to simplify RIA development by extending the already well-known HTML and web development approaches and technologies, making it a simple step for developers to extend today’s Web interfaces to be tomorrow’s Rich Internet apps.

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