Beemaster ICT: Platform-as-a-Service from the Ground Up

There’s a battle brewing in the Cloud Computing marketplace. Cloud Computing has the platform vendors running scared, because Cloud Computing may eventually replace the need to own enterprise software assets altogether. To deal with this threat, middleware vendors are scrambling to assemble Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings. PaaS is essentially the delivery of a computing platform and/or solution stack as a service.

While established middleware vendors are planning to provide provide software to the Cloud providers themselves, the vendors are struggling with existing middleware offerings that are not well-suited to the Cloud environment. To fill this void, Beemaster ICT offers their BeeBox Enterprise Service Bus, a lightweight, Service-oriented integration platform that supports Cloud capabilities as part of its core design, including multitenancy, dynamic provisioning, and support for Virtual Desktop Integration. Beemaster ICT is well-positioned to take on the incumbent middleware vendors with a more innovative, agile offering that promises to meet PaaS challenges more effectively than traditional middleware-based approaches.

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