BPM the SOA Way

Successful businesses are built on great products or services, operational efficiency, excellence in satisfying customers, well-honed sales and marketing efforts, and leveraging relationships with suppliers and partners. To respond to changing market forces that impact these efforts, companies don’t necessarily change the product or service itself, but rather the process they use to serve their customers. However, building an agile infrastructure that supports process needs from beginning to end and top to bottom while allowing for frequent and ad hoc changes presents many challenges to the business.

Enterprise applications typically provide only a siloed approach to business process management (BPM) and are inflexible in the face of process change. To achieve true business agility, organizations must separate the processes from the underlying applications using an architectural approach that abstracts the application functionality as Services so that the business can compose those Services into composite applications in a flexible manner. We call that architectural approach Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

To be successful with SOA, organizations require a BPM suite that includes a SOA platform to support the Services as well as the compositions of those Services. Software AG’s Crossvision Suite is well-positioned as a BPM-savvy SOA platform that can help organizations achieve their vision of agile business processes.

This paper was coauthored with Patti Jefferies, Director, Product Marketing, Software AG

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