Discover – Dovel’s Digital Showcase Platform
25 Aug

Discover – Dovel’s Digital Showcase Platform

Data is growing exponentially, and customers want to harness the power of that data to find new meaningful insights and drive decision making. Technology solutions are being developed faster than ever before to collect, integrate, and manage this data. A flat PowerPoint presentation is no longer enough to describe how solutions can achieve goals around the utilization of data. Federal agencies are requesting, even mandating, contractors show a full range of IT capabilities and how a technical solution solves their business problems and supports their missions. For example, interactive demonstrations are key to explain how artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) will function as well as to show the ultimate business value obtained through the use of these advanced technologies.

We are excited to announce Discover, Dovel’s digital platform, as a showcase of our technical solutions – spanning the IT spectrum: full lifecycle using agile development, Cloud integration, hybrid deployments, and advanced data analytics.

Discover allows Dovel a digital platform that can adapt to today’s business environment. We use Discover to:

  • Show how to build an agile and scalable digital platform by creating and integrating reusable APIs and multiple Cloud environments.
  • Offer a central place where business and IT leaders can critically assess our core capabilities for potential implementation into their environment.
  • Give users a place to experiment and see our unique advantages and competitive differentiation.
  • Provide use cases that showcase the business metrics and successes that our technical capabilities offer our customers.
  • Demonstrate how our core capabilities can easily be accessed by users, leveraged by multiple parties, and packaged and repackaged in different ways, as a common platform.

Discover will show where transformation can happen for agencies. Seeing the future in a test environment gives organizations the visualization needed to understand where their digital journey can take them. Discover has been loaded with many solutions to test the flexibility of the platform. Some of the test solutions include:

  1. NLP solutions such as text summarization, topic modeling, and text generation.
  2. ML algorithms for sentiment analysis, resume parsing, and generating synthetic data.
  3. Computer vision solutions used to identify objects in images.
  4. Visualization examples using multiple data sets and products such as Tableau, QlikSense, and Google Data Studio.
  5. Chatbots using the same engine as Alexa.

As we built Discover, we paused at each phase to allow time for reflection and optimization. One such reflection led us to implement a level of governance to ensure security. Users must authenticate and access via Amazon Web Services (AWS)/Cognito, extending that existing security and governance framework into the API layer. Discover runs in the AWS Cloud and is open to everyone who registers with a free account. The platform supports role-based access control (RBAC) as well as a system administration module to manage accounts and other assets. In addition, Discover allows users and organizations to test these solutions against their own data in a completely secure and encrypted environment.

Discover is similar to a car dealer’s showroom; it is the place where we showcase many of Dovel’s technical solutions that are available to our customers. We let anyone “kick the tires and take them for a spin.”  We are excited and are ready to bring these technical solutions to our customer’s environment today. Come visit us at to see the art of the possible.