Dovel’s Digital Maturity Model
19 Oct

Dovel’s Digital Maturity Model

In our previous article, we presented Dovel’s Digital First/Digital Smart™ framework as a way for federal agencies to start implementing digital transformation using automation plans within their organization and analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives in their operations. This framework includes employing Dovel’s Digital Maturity Model (DMM), which allows organizations to assess where they are today in their digital transformation initiatives and help them identify the right level of digitization needed to support mission and business objectives. This examination is even more critical as organizations have vaulted five years forward as the need for better digital adoption became a necessity in a matter of weeks. Now is precisely the time to take a step back and look at what really drives an organization up the lifecycle to the goal state of being optimized.

We look at an organization across six dimensions to provide a clear and tangible indication of where they are with regard to digital maturity. Each dimension graphic below provides clarity on what areas need to be focused on to bring digital transformation to the next level.

Leadership Mentality – Without support from leadership, the organization cannot change outdated decision-making. Organizations need to instill governance processes and measure ROI in an effort to avoid a crisis. Buying into the plan is just the beginning. Then, the work of building digital consensus can start which empowers connected data that leads to enhanced automation and data-driven decision making.


Human Capital – Agencies need to identify the steps to become more flexible across departments to better support their customer’s needs. These processes are complex and require engaging different partners to gain this deeper understanding of data that can make a real impact on how the company serves its customers.


Risk Management – Moving from reactive to predictive enables organizations to quickly detect, assess, and manage risks, allowing them to focus on the mission. The middle maturity levels involve standardizing and automating documentation, tracking KPIs, and prioritization of risks.


Data Strategy – Every organization needs a solid data strategy to power their digital transformation. Transforming raw, siloed data into a dashboard of information, knowledge, and insights will define the level and the activities to pursue as an organization advances through the DMM.


Cloud and AI Solutions – The two most critical technologies in recent years are Cloud and AI. Cloud to provide flexibility, scalability, and time to market. AI/ML to decrease costs, increase efficiencies, identify new revenue channels, and understand customers. As organizations mature, they move from reliance on on-premise technology to a hybrid cloud approach that allows for AI to be layered in for analytics that drive predictive decision making.


Innovation Strategy – Without innovation, organizations will be left behind more rapidly than ever before. Organizations must develop processes to inject innovation at every step of the DMM, starting with utilizing existing processes in new ways then automating those processes and continually expanding on these efforts to move them from pilot to departmental to enterprise-wide.

There is no “one-size-fits-all.” An organization may decide to achieve the Connected Level in Human Capital and at the same time try to reach the Optimized Level in Data Strategy. Dovel can answer questions that will help guide the digital maturity journey:

  1. Where are my biggest pain points?
  2. How do I take advantage of Cloud and advanced technologies?
  3. Where do I get the biggest ROI?
  4. How do I add value to my customers at every step of the way?
  5. How do I build a multi-year plan that will address all of this?

Dovel will help organizations identify an individualized digital roadmap based on its mission and resources. We work with customers to identify clear and measurable milestones while ensuring each milestone supports both the digital transformation goals and the overall organizational mission.

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Dovel’s Digital Maturity Model provides a full roadmap for automating the digital transformation of organizations.

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