Enabling Physician-Patient Connection for Personalized, Ongoing Care
17 Feb

Enabling Physician-Patient Connection for Personalized, Ongoing Care

Dovel participated in a Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) COVID-19 At-Anywhere Diagnostics Design-A-Thon which aimed to uncover new approaches to public health challenges. Dovel’s entry, the Patient Health Ecosystem Portal (PHEP), is a scalable, extensible platform for supporting health surveillance and monitoring for a range of key stakeholders across the care delivery continuum. It was designed to address patient management and inform clinical treatment in the elder population during the COVID-19 crisis.

The portal delivers a personalized and integrated experience to patients, enhances provider productivity, engages formal and informal caregivers, and improves outcomes and affordability. The patient-centric platform allows for safe, dependable health monitoring at home with comprehensive wellness management, patient biometric and medication adherence data, plus psychological distress evaluation to inform proper intervention. The surveillance ecosystem portal is able to aggregate all of this data from multiple sources combined with advanced analytics to inform healthcare providers of treatments and their ability to attenuate or worsen symptoms, correlative and outcomes analysis across the population of interest, and the social determinants of health (SDoH) impacting the patients’ overall clinical outcome.

 Technical Overview

PHEP provides a Cloud-native, semantically interoperable environment with surveillance capabilities, wellness identification, advanced analytics via a combination of web portal and mobile applications underpinned with a blockchain database supporting multiple data lakes. PHEP allows clinicians to enter data via voice—to—text capabilities. Medical entities are real-time mapped to ICD-10 codes for easy exportability to other health repositories. PHEP supports the redaction of PHI information and allows users to share the redacted information with other stakeholders. Supply chain data from hospitals is integrated to provide a holistic view of patients and medical devices within hospitals.  Finally, PHEP brings a regional sentiment analysis to help identify public reaction to situations such as the deployment and usage of COVID-19 vaccines.

The PHEP portal provides a unified way to exchange data across disparate systems using FHIR APIs. The secured exchange module offers a way to ingest, integrate, correlate, and analyze diverse data sets in structured and unstructured formats. We further provide a robust artificial intelligence (AI)/ML/NLP module with pre-loaded and tested algorithms to create real-time insights for all stakeholders. The security module implements role-based access to allow participants to see only the data they are allowed to see. Dashboards with metrics continuously analyze the need of the participants. The infrastructure runs on Docker containers managed by a Kubernetes cluster to seamlessly allow for additional modules and data systems in the future.

 Data Security

Technical trust is a critical component of any solution trying to consume, manage, share, and analyze health information while supporting research with new data types and more datasets. This is particularly important when dealing with personal health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII). PHEP implements Differential Privacy algorithms (a technique that offers strong privacy assurances, preventing data leaks and re-identification of individuals in a dataset) to allow interoperable data protection to be applied anywhere throughout the system or process with demonstrated compatibility with standards such as Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) and Health Level Seven (HL7). Our Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud repository further relies on a centralized ledger (blockchain) to keep the data secure and immutable.

This platform is an example of what Dovel can offer its customers who are seeking integrated solutions using our technical capabilities such as advanced analytics, Cloud integration, and agile development.  Dovel further brings the combination of our health IT domain expertise with our technical proficiency to offer solutions that provide significant value to our customer’s mission while strengthening our focus to improve, protect, and save lives.

Dovel earned an honorable mention among other high-quality capstone projects from top competition including well-known companies like Oracle, IBM, and DataDog. All of the details, including a video overview can be viewed here.