Evolution of the Rich Internet Application Market

Market Overview

  • ZapThink estimates that the total market for RIA will grow to over $700M by 2011.
  • Adobe is currently the biggest and most experienced RIA player, but it faces serious challenges on multiple fronts, most notably open source solutions and Microsoft, with its relatively new Silverlight technology.
  • Since 2006, ZapThink has seen substantial contraction in the RIA component submarket, elimination of the extensions submarket, and consolidation and expansion of the RIA environments submarket.

Future Trends

  • There is increasing demand for RIA capabilities in the enterprise, although people don’t identify the applications that leverage such capabilities as RIAs. Rather, RIA capabilities are features of many of those applications.
  • As the line between browser-based and desktop-based applications blurs, and as approaches for abstracting functionality and information from user interfaces develop, other markets will eventually merge with the RIA market.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview of the Rich Internet Application (RIA) Market
    1. The State of the Rich Internet Application Market
    2. Identifying RIAs
    3. Overview of the Market
    4. Qualitative Changes in RIA Market since 2006
    5. New RIA Market Motivators from 2009 through 2013
  2. RIA Market Evolution
    1. The Decline of the RIA Component market
    2. Consolidation in the RIA Environments market
    3. Ambiguity in the RIA Extensions market
    4. Microsoft’s RIA Market Penetration
    5. Open Source Trends Impacting RIA Market
    6. Increasing Role of Data Access in RIAs
    7. Macroeconomic factors impacting RIA growth
  3. RIA Market Survey Results
    1. End-User Interviews
  4. RIA Market Estimates and Predictions
  5. Conclusions
    1. Key Notes
    2. Figures

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