Facilitating Emergent Processes: Business Agility thru Context-Driven Process

One of the fundamental challenges limiting the agility of today’s rigid IT environments is the lack of context. Context is the dynamic web of relationships among people, places and things that gives events and facts meaning. Most systems only perform within predefined process models, ignoring interaction context by design. As a result, interactions are forced into fixed paths without considering the impact this standardization has on agility.

Organizations need a practical mechanism for leveraging context inside their key business processes without increasing system overhead or latency, an approach that takes into account the situational requirements of each interaction.

The end result are emergent processes that have specific goals and governing policies, but no pre-determined flow. Instead, process follows the inputs of process participants with custom responses driven by rules.

The Ideate Framework™ (www.ideate.com) provides a process architecture for designing, deploying and maintaining context-aware software applications. Ideate offers support for variable processes with policies and structure being a function of the rich interaction among people and technology in the system of systems we call the enterprise.

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