How to Succeed Through Service Oriented Integration

Ron Schmelzer, the leading industry analyst from ZapThink will provide advice, based on real-life experience, on how SOI addresses an organization’s integration needs by advantageously leveraging heterogeneity while creating an agile architecture for the future. SOI represents a fundamental change in the way companies architect IT assets. It enables organizations to expose functionality as loosely-coupled, coarse-grained, standards-based, and process-driven services. This webinar will also offer an overview of IONA’s recently announced Artix family of enterprise-class SOI solutions. IONA has been a leader on component-based systems for over a decade. Tune into this webinar to learn how SOI has helped companies reduce IT costs and increase business agility.

Find out how Service-Oriented Integration can help you:

  • Leverage and extend existing IT investments
  • Seamlessly connect disparate systems
  • Reduce project costs

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