Improve Reuse and Control Rogue Web Services with SOA

Despite its huge promise and advantage, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) can turn into a nightmare due to poor implementation and proliferation of rogue services. Leading industry analysts are forecasting a wastage of $3 billion dollars in 2006 on failed and redesigned Web services projects because of poorly implemented projects.

Join us for a Webinar on Nov 3rd at 11 am CST as we present strategies to discuss potential scenarios that could create this wastage and how to avoid it.

Topics discussed will include:

  • How to systematically deconstruct legacy and monolithic applications into reusable services
  • How to eliminate “rogue services”? and ensure architectural control of your enterprise SOA
  • How to increase service reuse across IT and business domains
  • How to audit, meter and bill for services by departments, domains, and users
  • How to improve SOA reliability through better visibility around service correlations
  • How Webify enabled one of their clients from the Insurance industry to monetize SOA to their strategic advantage

Download the Full Improve Reuse and Control Rogue Web Services with SOA Report Here