Information in Motion: The Pixie Dust that Makes SOA Work

This isn’t a fairytale. Everyone agrees that in the real-world there are “secrets” for becoming successful in business. It’s these differentiators — whether it’s Wal-Mart’s ability to seamlessly manage its inventory or Toyota’s finely-tuned assembly lines — that are the magic behind winning.

With the advent of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), there’s now the ability for any business to leverage a framework that fosters optimal business execution. However, the secret sauce behind your SOA implementation — the Information-in-Motion — is the pixie dust that empowers your business to execute like a category leader. It’s what gives you leverage in today’s crowded marketplaces.

Learn how to use the magic of Information-in-Motion to gain a solid competitive edge. By harnessing the real-time data that are flowing around and throughout your business systems, you’re able to acquire, analyze, and act on both opportunities and issues within your SOA implementation. A case study will also reflect how one Fortune 2000 company is leveraging their Information-in-Motion to ensure that its business is always operating and responding in real-time.

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