Integrating the SO Way

Module #6 from the ZapThink Licensed Partner Program training materials.

This module covers:

  • Old vs. New Ways to Integrate
  • The Old Way: Rip & Replace
  • The Integration “Rat’s Nest”
  • SOA Starting Point
  • The New Way: Squeeze Value
  • Connecting vs. Composing
  • Thrift: The New Normal
  • Issue: Surfeit of Services
  • The Economics of Integration
  • The Integration “Zipper”
  • Network Integration
  • Data/Information Integration
  • The Role of EII
  • API-based Integration
  • The Rise of EAI Middleware
  • The ESB Pattern: EAI + Services?
  • Business Process Integration
  • Service-Oriented Integration
  • Semantics: The Greatest Challenge of SOA