iTKO: Ensuring Continuous SOA Quality

Quality means far more than simply reducing defects. Fundamentally, quality means building something that meets the requirements of its users, now and into the future. However, requirements continue to evolve, both during projects as well as once the projects are complete.

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an approach to organizing and abstracting IT resources in a flexible manner that allows for such continually changing business requirements. This core agility benefit of SOA collapses like a house of cards, however, if the Services or the applications that consume and compose them are of poor quality.

As a result, organizations require SOA quality tools like the iTKO LISA Complete SOA Testing Platform, which enables complete, collaborative and continuous testing of all layers of abstraction in a SOA implementation, including the business process, Service composition, and Service implementation layers, in a way that maintains functional integrity of the SOA implementation even as it experiences continuous change.

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