JackBe: Enterprise Mashups that both Leverage and Justify SOA

Enterprise mashups–governed compositions of loosely-coupled Services within a rich, Web-based environment–are attracting increasing levels of attention today, because of their visible business value as well as the user empowerment they promise. Providing the infrastructure necessary to support the governance and loose coupling such mashups need, however, requires Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

As a result, enterprise mashups are increasingly driving demand for SOA across numerous enterprises, as they provide a visual representation of the value of SOA that business people and others can readily understand. It’s helpful, therefore, for enterprises looking to leverage the benefits of mashups as well as the benefits of SOA to invest in an enterprise mashup platform that brings the value of SOA to the user-driven interface that mashups enable.

JackBe’s Presto enterprise mashup platform addresses these issues. ZapThink has written on Presto before, but now we are finding that the platform is maturing in its ability to deliver rapid value to a wide range of users, both within business and IT. Furthermore, JackBe’s “Mashlets,” or mashup widgets, are helping to connect the dots for users who are seeking value from their SOA initiatives through the creation of enterprise mashups.

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