Key XML Specifications and Standards

Presenting the ZapThink XML Standards Poster!
Over 135 XML and Web Services Standards At-a-Glance

This beautiful poster was included in the June 2002 Issue of Application Development Trends!

Exclusive from ZapThink only! This attractive 18″ x 24″ poster was featured as an insert in Application Development Trends and circulated to over 80,000 XML and Web Services developers.

The poster, updated as of May 2002, features over 135 of the most important, key XML and Web Services standards and includes the XML Core specifications, Web Services stack, ebXML, e-Commerce and e-Business standards, Content Management, security, transport and messaging protocols, Semantic Web, and tons of vertical industry standards including Financial Services, Life Sciences, Scientific, and dozens more.

Look for this poster included as a free insert in the June 2002 issue of Application Development Trends magazine.


This poster is printed as an 18″x24″ poster in beautiful full-color, perfect for hanging on your wall or cubicle! ZapThink is now offering the opportunity to purchase 10-packs of this poster, shipped to your address within 4-6 weeks of purchase (US and Canada addresses only, sorry). Click the button below to purchase!

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