Marketing Services for Vendors and Professional Services Firms

If you provide solutions to the SOA, EA, or Cloud marketplaces, your key challenge is reaching potential customers in an effective manner that best communicates your value proposition. ZapThink has a range of offerings that can help your firm. Please note that your participation in our marketing efforts have no influence on our opinions or how we interact with potential customers. Rather, we see such efforts as vehicles for you to get your message across, and we provide the facilitation to make your message effective and efficient.

Market Advisory

Spend time with our Senior Analysts via phone or email to obtain our assistance with your marketing, competitive research, or product management needs. Let us be your trusted advisors.

ZapForum Podcast Series

Want to get your message out to our established audience of tens of thousands? Then participate in our ZapForum Podcast series. A ZapForum Podcast gives you an interactive means of reaching your audience through an interview-style, downloadable audio format that is available to our entire audience and also syndicated via our RSS feed. Participants in the podcast get sponsorship of that podcast, a spot as guest-expert, and get a list of all listeners that downloaded the podcast (permission is granted by the listener prior to their download). This is a proven way to reach an audience, so sign up today while spots are still available!

ZapForum Evening Networking Events

We don’t offer sponsorships of our LZA Bootcamps, so ZapForum evening networking events are the next best thing. Scheduled after the third day of the LZA Bootcamp, these events are casual get-togethers over drinks and food, with a panel discussion for sponsors that we endeavor to keep light and amusing. Who said marketing couldn’t be fun as well?

Practical SOA Seminars

ZapThink periodically runs these morning or one-day seminars at various locations around the world. They often focus on a particular topic or industry, and feature end-user presentations as well as sponsor participation. Let us know what you’re looking for and we can build an event around your goals.

Speaking Engagements

Bring one of our Managing Partners in to speak at your seminar or conference. Always informative, frequently controversial, and definitely entertaining, either Ron or Jason can draw crowds and educate while entertaining. Put ZapThink thought leadership to work for you!


One effective means of reaching your audience is to engage ZapThink for your Webinar. Let us provide your current and future customers a glimpse of where the market is heading and how your solution fits into the context of the overall SOA marketplace. You provide the logistics, we provide the content as well as marketing of your Webinar to our entire ZapThink readership.


A ZapNote is a 4-6 page feature on a particular SOA or Cloud solution or vendor. The first section includes a description of the problem being solved, and subsequent sections outline a potential solution, description of a vendor’s offering, profiles of the company, and ZapThink’s general take on the market. Since ZapNotes are intended to promote products and solutions, our opinion is solely limited to the applicability of the solution to the general problem and not ranking or comparison to other solutions. Our ZapNote is a way of keeping end-users informed of what you have to offer, and goes out to tens of thousands of ZapThink readers!

White Papers

Sometimes a short paper is not enough to help your audience understand the complexity of a particular problem. Commission a White Paper from ZapThink, and get a focused excerpt of our research to explore a particular topic in detail. We can pair a White Paper with a ZapNote if you provide a unique solution to a complex problem.

Advertise with ZapThink
Want your message up-front with our audience with no additional value-add? Advertise directly on ZapThink’s web site and in its ZapFlash newsletter and get the benefit of reaching tens of thousands of eyeballs with your message.

Press Support

ZapThink is by far the most quoted analysts in the XML/Web Services/SOA space, and often among the most quoted IT industry analysts in any market category. Leverage our visibility by keeping us well-informed about your company, helping us in our communications with the press. We can help provide quotes, market numbers, and positioning for use in your press releases, marketing literature, Web site, or other uses.

Reinforce Your Message with Your Audience: ZapAccess

ZapAccess is a bundle of marketing services offered at a discount. The typical ZapAccess package includes two ZapForum Podcasts, two Webinars, a White Paper, and six hours of advisory – but let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll put together a ZapAccess package that meets your needs.