Metadata Management & Change Management

Event Description:

​​​​Are you involved with SOA-related projects? Do you have to make
architectural design decisions? Are you building composite
applications? If so, then you most probably deal with issues like:

– If SOA can deliver on its promise (agility, reuse, etc.), what must my project do to achieve these benefits?
– How do I calculate the ROI of SOA based on measurable metrics and hard facts?
– Since I don’t start on the greenfield, must I ‘SOAize’ my existing application portfolio?
– How compatible is the SOA-approach with my packaged applications (ERP, CRM, etc.)?
– Who has done it; what are the lessons learned; where do I start?

has invited two Analysts, Ron Schmelzer and Jason Bloomberg from
Zapthink ( to discuss these questions and provide the
answers!. Together with [ipt], the Analysts from Zapthink will present
their key findings, demonstrate case studies and – last but not least –
will respond to your specific questions! We will start the forum with
an entry-level presentation on the basics of SOA and provide
clarification of related terms like EAI, BPM and Web Services. The
forum is addressed to CIO`s, IT-Architects, Business Analysts and
Business Managers who want to gain a profound understanding of SOA.

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