NexaWeb: Rich Client for High Performance Web Services

Two of the often conflicting desires in IT is the need on the one hand for rich user interfaces that maximize a user’s productivity and on the other hand, the desire to decentralize computing so that a user can gain access to the widest base of IT assets at the lowest possible cost. These two forces are at odds because rich client interfaces, until recently, have only been possible in certain limited scenarios in which the business logic and computing resources were combined with the interface.

However, a new class of presentation layer is emerging. This rich client interface to Web Services provides an end user experience that is similar to client/server applications, with a rich graphical user interface, responsive performance and highly interactive functionality. In this vein, Nexaweb provides a software platform that combines the richness of client/server and desktop applications with the ability to interact with high-performance, distributed, Web Services-based applications. With Nexaweb, applications look and perform like locally-installed software, though most or all of the code is actually distributed across the enterprise network or beyond.

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