Online Business Systems: SOA For Justice & Public Safety

Online Business Systems (Online) is a midsize professional services firm that has built a business for over twenty years by focusing on aligning business needs with integration-centric IT solutions. Now, they are leveraging Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) best practices as well to add a new level of agility to their integration offering for many different industries.

In particular, Online has been able to leverage SOA best practices within their Integrated Justice & Public Safety practice, which serves public responders, courts, and other parts of the justice system. These clients have particularly stringent integration requirements, due to the dynamic nature of law enforcement, the requirement for high levels of security and confidentiality, and the diverse, heterogeneous set of agencies who must work together. Online’s SOA capabilities, combined with their integration skills and business focus have enabled them to build many successful implementations in the justice and public safety arena.

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