Optimizing Web Services in the Enterprise

XML and Web Services traffic is consuming an increasing percentage of the bandwidth on the corporate network. At the same time, enterprise IT architects and data center administrators are struggling with how to deploy XML and Web Services-based solutions in the enterprise in a reliable, secure, and manageable manner. Furthermore, existing computing infrastructures are increasingly inadequate to meet the demands of high-performance XML and Web Services capabilities.

To solve many of these challenges, vendors are introducing a new category of intelligent network device that are able to intercept, inspect, transform, and redirect XML and Web Services requests according to business policies.

As enterprises move from simple, point-to-point applications of Web Services to building Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs) that leverage the capabilities of XML and Web Services, end-users must understand how to optimize not only their current XML-based integration solutions, but also the performance of their SOA implementations as they build out these more agile approaches to distributed computing.

Targeted at those who are in charge of deciding how to implement corporate-wide policies for XML and Web Services usage at both the network and application level, this white paper will discuss key issues for effective implementation of XML and Web Services and how they impact different parts of the corporate IT infrastructure,both now and into the future.

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