Practical SOA London

All of the presentations from ZapThink’s Practical SOA event in London, UK on April 25, 2008.

The presentations include the following:

Welcome & World-Wide SOA Adoption Trends in 2008, Presenter: Jason Bloomberg, Managing Partner, ZapThink, LLC

Case Study in SOA: GE Capital Solutions, Presenter: Nicolas Farges, Technical Architect, GE Capital Solutions Europe.

Case Study in SOA: ABN Amro – Achieving Enterprise Scale SOA, Presenter: Roy Varughese, Chief Architect, ABN AMRO (Global Clients)

Enterprise SOA patterns, Presenter: Francois Lascelles, Director of Client Solutions, Layer 7 Technologies

A Complete Strategy for Testing Web services, Presenter: Rix Groenboom, Parasoft

Redefining the Economics of Mainframe SOA, Presenter: David Little, Senior Technical Consultant (Shadow Products), DataDirect

Recession-Proofing your Company with SOA, Presenter: Jason Bloomberg, Managing Partner, Zapthink

251-slide PowerPoint in pdf format (large file).

Download the Full Practical SOA London Report Here