Process, Presentation, and Integration

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), just like any other software architecture approach, is difficult. Because enterprise SOAs can abstract a broad, heterogeneous set of applications and systems, building an SOA that provides agility, flexibility, and reuse to the business user is particularly challenging.

The challenge for software vendors looking to offer SOA solutions to the market is to put the control of the business into the hands of business users. Users must have a flexible interface that allows them to build, modify, and manage the business processes in the enterprise. The underlying infrastructure should be invisible to the business user, yet respond quickly and efficiently to changes in the business environment. SOA solutions must therefore tie together the presentation layer, business process, and the underlying infrastructure, enabling business users to create and manage composite applications.

Netherlands-based Cordys is a global enterprise solutions vendor who is tackling three key elements of this SOA framework: process, presentation, and integration. By combining collaborative user interface technologies with dynamic business process definition and execution, all running on top of an Enterprise Service Bus infrastructure, Cordys is one of the few vendors who enables their customers to build and run agile composite applications on an SOA.

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