Putting The Control Of The Business Process Into The Business User’s Hands

In business, the only constant is change. Businesses, like people, are continuously evolving and as such face rapid and continual change. As markets and customer needs evolve, enterprises must respond with new ways to attract and retain customers and partners, increase operational efficiency, and achieve greater visibility into their business processes.

In most businesses, however, business people control the processes, while IT people control the systems. IT staff see business processes through the lens of the low-level parts of the flow, rather than at the business level. As a result, they aren’t capable of implementing the processes so that they will meet continuously changing business requirements, thus impeding business agility. Business users are increasingly demanding that they have control over their own business processes — and so, are requiring systems that put control of the flow and logic into their hands, not those of IT.

Fiorano Software offers a business-driven approach to building application functionality. They tie together the notions of Service-oriented process, Service-oriented integration and event-driven, message-based interaction into a single environment that enables users to combine their assets and information from multiple points of view. Fiorano’s event-based, business process-driven, Service-oriented integration approach solves today’s business problems by direclty mapping the model of a business process to the underlying implementation, removing the disconnect between business and IT that companies face today.

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