Real World Processing with Events, SOA & Web 2.0

Today’s exploding numbers of business events, both combining with and driving the exponential growth of information in the business world, are increasing the need for Business Event Processing (BEP). This increased reliance on business events also leverages thethe collaborative, Internet-based technologies of Web 2.0, as well as Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), providing a flexible approach to obtaining value from events. The combination of these three approaches provides a foundation for flexibility, visibility, composability, integration, and scalability.

The bottom line, however, is the business story. BEP, combined with Web 2.0 and SOA, are bridging the gap between business and IT better than any of these approaches can separately. Today’s organizations require real time visibility into their business, as well as the ability to process business events to solve business problems, what we call Real World Processing.

Such solutions will have broader impact on the business itself and can create new competitive models in any industry where forward looking companies implement them. Furthermore, companies who exploit the power of BEP will be better positioned to understand threats and take advantage of opportunities, and will therefore have a competitive advantage within their industry.

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