Recruiting WS-I Members from Vertical Industries

You joined the Web Services Interoperability (WS-I) Organization to accelerate and encourage the adoption of Web services. WS-I plans to meet these goals by providing deliverables that assist in the interoperability of Web services implementations. For the WS-I to be successful in its mission, however, it is essential that it has broad industry representation within its membership. WS-I needs your help.

At this time, a vast majority of WS-I members are IT vendors. Whether you work for a vendor or not, it’s in your company’s best interest to expand the WS-I membership, expecially among industry members outside the IT community. This white paper is an important tool to help you in this important activity.

This paper seeks to explain why current WS-I members should recruit additional industry members, why industry members should join the WS-I, and what actions WS-I members should take to recruit new members. It should be a starting point for ideas about how you can help the WS-I grow and become more effective in achieving its goals.

Download the Full Recruiting WS-I Members from Vertical Industries Report Here