Reinventing OSS with SOA & Federated Data

Written by ZapThink analysts Tony Baer and Jason Bloomberg.

Over the past decade, technology and market forces have driven convergence across the telecommunications sector, with barriers to entry being eroded at an ever increasing pace. The “triple play” and “multi-play” service bundles that include voice, video, and data services are symptoms of an industry that is rapidly evolving from its highly regulated past. As technology has transformed the landscape, it has also transformed customer expectations. Yesterday, the network was the operator business. Today, the network is just a means to delivering customers the diverse experiences they demand.

JacobsRimell has correctly perceived the change in the industry, and has developed a next generation Operations Support System (OSS) that shifts the focus from the network to customer. It does so with an identity-based federated data model and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) best practices that enable operators to refocus their business on their customers, reduce lead time for introducing new offerings, and promote process quality and consistency by abstracting fulfillment and customer care from the Services that are necessary to support it.

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