Say Hello to “Heidi” – Dovel’s Human Resources Chatbot! 
17 Dec

Say Hello to “Heidi” – Dovel’s Human Resources Chatbot! 

As Dovel continues to expand and execute on its strategic plan, the Human Resources (HR) team is a critical function of the companyOne of the corporate goals is to be an employer of choice. HR is focused on attracting and retaining talent and one element of that focus is internal mobility. The team has placed an emphasis to provide a wider access to training, education, and advancement opportunities for employees. HR partnered with the Innovation and Technology Group (ITG) to use artificial intelligence to create an internal chatbot to allow employees to search available opportunities within the company.  

Without further delay, we’re excited to introduce the newest member of the HR team: Heidi, a chatbot powered by Amazon Lex! Heidi was developed by the ITG and a group of talented summer interns. It uses multiple Cloud technologies and stacks, including Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, Amazon Cognito, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and ElasticSearch with a conversational interface that is powered by the same deep learning technologies as Alexa. 

In addition to answering some frequently asked questions like, “What are our PTO accrual rates?” or “When is the next pay date?”, Heidi allows employees to quickly browse and find current openings within the Dovel Family of Companies (Dovel, MSC, and AceInfo) based on their work experience and career aspirations. 

When prompted to see new positions, Heidi will ask the employee to choose the area of work they’re interested in (e.g., software engineering, accounting, marketing). Next, a list of all jobs currently available in the specified competency will be returned, prompting the employee to choose a job or continue their search. After expressing interest in a position, Heidi will direct the employee to the job posting where they can apply as well as answer a few basic questions. These questions provide the HR team with personalized information about the applicant, which helps to streamline the application process and improve the applicant’s experience. 

At the end of the conversation, Heidi will automatically forward the collected information to the HR team, who then guides the employee through the application process. Heidi enables the HR team to be proactive in retaining and growing the talent within the Dovel Family of Companies by placing the employees in positions that advance their careers and support the organization.  

Heidi will also continue to evolve to handle a wide array of tasks in the future, such as collecting resumes directly from applicants, allowing users to search for job positions by job titles or key skills, and assisting users from their smartphones. We will also expand this feature to allow external candidates to easily search opportunities within the Dovel Family of Companies. 

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