Sensedia: Focused Solutions for Cost-Conscious SOA Governance

Choosing the right governance tooling requires careful consideration of specific attributes of the enterprise domain, including an inventory of the major SOA resources such as data, Services, and processes, as well as interactions and dependencies, and how all relate to the notions of policy management, service agreements, and security.

SOA governance, both at design time and run time, is a recognized requirement for all SOA initiatives, and as a result, there are several products on the market that address such needs. These products, however, tend to be enterprise-class, comprehensive solutions with enterprise-class pricing. Many organizations, however, require a more focused solution at a more palatable price point.

One vendor who is targeting design time SOA governance at such a price point is Sensedia. Sensedia offers design time SOA governance products that enable enterprises to manage and reuse their SOA and other software development assets. Sensedia’s products reduce redundant development, accelerating ROI and improving SOA governance through the identification, creation, management and quality analysis of SOA project assets.

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