Service Orientation Market Trends

Key Points:

  • ZapThink sees a consolidation of most SO functionality into a single market category that can be delivered as individual products, product suites, or service offerings that contain broad functionality, including features that are currently associated with the security, management, process, integration, and tools segments. We call that market the SOA Implementation Framework market.
  • The total SOA Implementation Framework market opportunity will go from $4.4 billion in 2005 to $43 billion by 2010.
  • The big winners from the shift to Service Orientation will be large vendors who are able to leverage the innovation of the smaller players to build fully functional SOA Implementation Frameworks. New entrants will find opportunity in adding value to these large vendors’ products, or by finding opportunity in the gaps between their solutions.


Table of Contents:

  • I. Report Scope
  • II. Context: The Shift to Service Orientation
    • 2.1. The shift to Service Orientation affects all distributed computing
    • 2.2. Shifts in market segments
    • 2.3. The SOA Implementation Framework
    • 2.4. The march toward the SOAIF
    • 2.5. Integration: the key transitional market
  • III. Vendor Landscape
    • 3.1. Core Service Orientation segments
    • 3.2. The role of the incumbents
    • 3.3. The role of On Demand
  • IV. Market Trends
    • 4.1. Methodology
    • 4.2. Core market numbers
    • 4.3. SOAIF market numbers
    • 4.4. Who will win the SOAIF battle?
  • V. Conclusions
    • 5.1. Key notes
    • 5.2. Decision points
    • 5.3. Figures
    • 5.4. Tables