Service Orientation Tutorial

Jason’s and Ronald’s book “Service Orient or be doomed” has reached worldwide recognition as the first book really explaining SOA in business terms. Their background description is well known to most CIO’s. The way from today to an agility service solution is difficult and dangerous but necessary to take.

In this tutorial focus will be put on

  • The secret Sauce: Loose coupling. Why loose coupling is a must to achieve agility and change the IT supporting your business processes
  • Is there an Architect in House? Jason and Ronald tell us about the need for Enterprise Architects and IT Architects relating their task to Zachman Framework

They will also cover “how to think service oriented and how to get started”. They will describe how to handle the cultural and organizational challenges to succeed with Service Orientation – where the successful will thrive and flourish!

This presentation was given at a full-day seminar at the DAMA Conference in Stockholm, Sweden on November 15, 2006.

97-slide PowerPoint in pdf format.

Download the Full Service Orientation Tutorial Report Here