Service-Oriented Management Technology Landscape

Key Findings:

  • Web Services management (WSM) software is software that helps companies manage the systems and applications that underlie their Web Services.
  • Service-oriented management (SOM) software is software that supports the development and execution of a Service-oriented architecture.
  • By 2007, 60% of the total system management market will consist of large vendors who offer SOM solutions, and a full 75% of the system management market (both small and large vendors) will be SOM-enabled.
  • The market for Service-Oriented Management is expected to grow from $30 million in 2002 to $9.2 Billion by 2007.
  • Web Services Management solutions bridge the gap between the underlying systems and the Services that run on top of them.
  • Starting in mid-2004, the large system management vendors will begin to dominate the SOM space, to the extent that the SOM point solutions segment of the market will reach its maximum in 2005.

Table of Contents:

  • I. Report Scope
  • II. Context for Web Services Management
    • 2.1. Business Drivers for Service Orientation
    • 2.2. The Role of Web Services Management
    • 2.3. The Five Categories of Web Services Management Functionality
  • III. Web Services Management Technology Landscape
    • 3.1. Architectural Approaches
    • 3.2. Architectural Elements
    • 3.3. Standards efforts
  • IV. Conclusions
  • Related Research
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