SnapXT: Pioneering Enterprise Mashups

An important goal of any Service-Oriented Architecture initiative is to enable business users to compose Services into flexible composite applications that can provide ongoing business value in the face of changing requirements. Meeting this need is the emerging concept of the mashup, which empowers users to create such composite applications in a dynamic manner by leveraging Web technologies. Most of today’s mashups, however, are experimental in nature, and provide little business value.

To bring business value to the nascent mashup market, SnapXT offers users the ability to create enterprise-quality mashups that assemble diverse IT assets and data sources in a flexible, declarative fashion. What makes SnapXT different is its multiple interface metaphors that simplify application creation and empower the users of those applications. As a result, SnapXT is pioneering enterprise mashups through their tool that offers true business value to companies looking to build Service-Oriented Business Applications.

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