SOA & Cloud Governance

Do SOA and Cloud Governance Right!

  • Are you struggling with making SOA work and troubled by governance concerns?
  • Are you looking for SOA governance best practices for design time, run time, and change time / version management?
  • Do you want hands-on experience with SOA governance methods, tools, and frameworks before you commit to a SOA endeavor?
  • Is your organization looking into Cloud Computing and you want a heads-up about Cloud Governance issues before you get into hot water?
  • Are you looking for a third-party credential to endorse your SOA governance knowledge?

If so, then register for the two-day SOA & Cloud Governance Training and Certification course offered by ZapThink. In this two-day workshop, you will learn in-depth, practical SOA and Cloud governance methodologies, techniques, and approaches in ways that are not specific to any particular technology or an individual vendor implementation. The SOA Governance Training and Certification course is led by skilled instructors who not only have architectural and governance expertise, but also know-how in how to apply SOA governance technologies and frameworks into practice.

One of the biggest challenges facing the SOA marketplace is the lack of proper governance to make sure that SOA exists in a controlled environment, and not the potential chaos that can emerge from uncontrolled, dynamic consumption and composition.

If you already have an LZA credential, this course adds a SOA Governance endorsement that will further add to your knowledge and capabilities. Based on the demand we have seen in this market, the SOA and Cloud governance course fills the unmet need for both SOA and Cloud governance training as well as certification.

The course contains eight modules plus several in-class team exercises, product demos and homework exercises. We also update the course material periodically to keep the content fresh and current.

SOA & Cloud Governance Course Agenda

Module 1: Context for Governance

Upon completion of this module, you will understand the context for governance within the enterprise, and the corporate and IT governance context for SOA governance.

Module 2: SOA Level Set

Upon completion of this module, you will have a broad understanding of SOA as an architectural approach, and a high-level understanding of Services.

Module 3: Governance of the SOA Initiative

Upon completion of this module, you will understand the role SOA plays in governance, both in terms of the governance of SOA initiatives, as well as how SOA can facilitate IT and corporate governance, and the infrastructure required for effective SOA governance.


In-Class Exercise: Organizational Impact Assessment

Module 4: Policies

Upon completion of this module, you will understand both the business and technical context for policies, and how policies are represented and manipulated in the context of Web Services.

Demo: Mule Galaxy

Module 5: The Service Lifecycle

Upon completion of this module, you will understand how the Service lifecycle differs from a traditional software development lifecycle, and how governance drives the design time, run time, and change time phases of the lifecycle.

Homework: Service Lifecycle

Module 6: SOA Governance Challenges

Upon completion of this module, you will understand essential techniques for dealing with the challenges of funding, reuse, interoperability, business empowerment, and achieving the right amount of governance.

Demo: HP Systinet

Module 7: SOA Governance Infrastructure

Upon completion of this module, you will understand the role registry/repositories, SOA management tools, and policy enforcement points play in SOA governance.

Demo: Progress Actional

Live Demo: Software AG CentraSite

In-Class Exercise: Hands-On SOA Governance

Module 8: Cloud Governance

Upon completion of this module, you will understand how Cloud governance is a natural extension of SOA governance, and some of the issues with Cloud Computing and how governance can address them.

Final Exam: SOA Jeopardy!

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