SOA Consulting: Current Market Trends

Market Overview

  • Few enterprises are buying SOA by name. Instead, business buyers are paying for solutions to business problems, and more consulting firms than ever before are leveraging Service Orientation best practices to provide those solutions. The main buyer of such initiatives has shifted toward the non-technical, business part of the enterprise.
  • The clear pattern with today‚Äôs SOA projects is that they are increasingly business-focused. Many consulting firms integrate SOA best practices into a broad differentiated offering that is not necessarily specific to SOA.
  • Many ostensible SOA efforts are little more than middleware shell games. Product vendors often distort the true message of SOA to best fit their product offerings. Similarly, the core mistake that some consulting firms are making is in confusing architecture with implementation.

Future Trends

  • ZapThink expects the percentage of IT projects overall that leverage Service Orientation best practices to continue to grow over time, and those best practices will soon become ubiquitous.
  • ZapThink expects the percentage of IT projects that are named SOA projects to reach a maximum in the 2007 timeframe, and then gradually decrease as Service Orientation best practices become an expected, routine part of IT projects more broadly.

Table of Contents

  1. SOA Consulting: The State of the Market
    1. Scope of Report
    2. Methodology
    3. Survey Participants and Demographics
  2. SOA-Related Service Offerings
    1. Context for SOA within Differentiated Offerings
    2. SOA Expertise
    3. Challenges in SOA Consulting
    4. SOA Methodologies
    5. Typical SOA Engagements
  3. Enterprise Buyers and Solution Partners for SOA Consulting Firms
    1. Who Buys SOA Consulting?
    2. Current State of SOA Consulting Engagements
    3. The SOA Consulting Partner Landscape
  4. Trends in SOA Consulting
    1. Business Focus for SOA
    2. Growth and Trends of SOA Project Engagements
    3. Maturation of SOA Best Practices
    4. SOA Substance vs. SOA Hype
  5. The ZapThink Take
    1. Key Notes
    2. Decision Points
    3. Figures
    4. Tables

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