SOA — Crossing the Application/Network Boundary

“SOA – Crossing the Application / Network Boundary”

Guest Experts: Jeff Browning, Product Manager, iControl (SOAP/XML API for network devices) and Steve Orrin, Chief Technology Officer, Sarvega


  • What impact does SOA have on the network?
  • How can application developers consider network assets as a Services and resources they can consume?
  • How can application folks and network admins get along in the new world of SOA?

Setting the Stage: ZapThink Analysts
ZapThink senior analysts Jason Bloomberg and Ronald Schmelzer will explore how the application / network boundary is increasingly blurring as application tasks increasingly impact how the network runs, and how distributed computing on the network changes the way applications are built. Learn how SOA helps the bring the formerly separate worlds of application and network together to build a cohesive enterprise architecture.

Guest Expert: Jeff Browning, Product Manager, iControl (SOAP/XML API for network devices)

Jeff will cover how SOA is helping IT adapt to quickly and efficiently to changing business models. He will show how SOA is bridging the gap between applications and the network allowing business process to cross application boundaries furthering application develop efficiencies. In most situations, complexity reduction results in living with ‘one size fits all’ solutions. Jeff will show how SOA reduces network and application complexity while actually creating greater opportunities to customize applications to fit unique business needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how SOA is helping IT adapt efficiently to changing business models
  • Understand the business impact of allowing business processes to cross application boundaries
  • Reduce complexity without sacrificing uniqueness

Guest Expert: Steve Orrin, Chief Technology Officer, Sarvega
Steve will discuss the benefits of SOA implementations and explore the new challenges that they introduce. As Enterprises begin to treat their business applications more as services to be leveraged for the information and value they contain, there are strategic things an Enterpise can do now to get the most out of their SOA implementation. SOA’s require a new way of thinking about application security and performance, new methodology, and closer collaboration across organizational boundaries.

Key Takeaways:

  • What are some of the fundemental challenges introduced when using SOA
  • Ways to approach SOA implementations to secure and protect them
  • Learn about products and tools that can help Enterprises achieve their SOA objectives.

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