SOA Prioritization Matrix

When we put together our SOA roadmap, we had over 20 projects that we identified that made up our ROI. These projects were a combination of technology and non-technology initiatives. Within the technology space, business process reengineering was the key driver where SOA was the enabler of cross application integration and legacy rejuvination. Once we received the funds to proceed the next step was to prioritize which projects to do first. The business started prioritizing based on gut feel. I recommended a portfolio management approach and put together the following spreadsheet. I changed the project names to be generic and non company specific for this example but the ratings are actual ratings. We created two lists: one for non-technology projects (example: revisiting business processes in certain areas) and technology projects (example: implementing the tools, created a customer facing portal, integrating sales and contracts, etc.)

PrioritizationMatrix.xls (226 KB)