SOA Software: Expanding the Breadth of SOA Infrastructure

Throughout the past year, the pace of SOA adoption has continued to accelerate among organizations of all sizes, industries, and geographies. In 2006, companies increasingly funded solutions to business problems that benefited from a Service-oriented approach, and some of those firms have already started to see significant returns. Despite this increasing success with SOA, many organizations still lack the knowledge of what a complete infrastructure for SOA is, and how to properly evaluate technical solutions to the various challenges of SOA.

While there are many SOA point-solution vendors now that have competitive and valuable offerings, as well as large IT vendors who are also building complete SOA offerings, what differentiates SOA Software in its approach is that it is the only pure-play SOA vendor that focuses on providing complete SOA infrastructure solution. SOA Software offers a complete SOA infrastructure product set addressing Enterprise SOA, Legacy and B2B Web services requirements. Many of SOA point-solution vendors have focused on individual parts of the overall SOA infrastructure picture, but SOA Software is committed to providing comprehensive SOA infrastructure capabilities, showing its leadership through its breadth of strategy and depth of execution.

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