Software AG CentraSite Community

Written by Tony Baer, Associate Analyst, ZapThink.

Governance is drawing significant attention from the boardroom down as a result of heightened regulation, increased competition, and constant change in the marketplace. There are two faces to SOA governance. On one hand, SOA governance simply means governing a SOA implementation initiative—for example, communicating corporate policies to developers implementing Services, and giving them the tools they need to follow those policies as they assemble the various elements of the SOA implementation. On the other hand, there’s a broader, more strategic definition of SOA governance: IT governance in the context of SOA.

Software AG takes a big picture view to SOA governance, based on the premise that SOA governance extends well beyond the governing of Web Services. It believes that the extensible nature of SOA requires a similarly extensible strategy to governance. Software AG has established the CentraSite Community as its strategy for providing a SOA governance solution that customers can adapt to their unique business and technology needs. Organizationally, the CentraSite Community promotes shared wisdom through its collaborative online presence. Architecturally, Software AG CentraSite registry/repository supports the community through its extensible data model and broad standards based approach. Because the CentraSite Community does not impose a one-size-fits-all governance solution, customers can implement the right governance recipe to meet their unique business needs.

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