The Complete Vision of Service-Oriented Enterprise Management

Companies have long been striving to meet two critical goals in their enterprise: how to make their existing systems work better together, and how to gain critical visibility into how their various processes and systems are contributing to overall business goals. Into this arena, Service-Oriented Architectures and Web Services are introducing the concept of standards-based, loosely-coupled integration to help solve the first problem of managing intractable business integration problems.

At the same time, these approaches lend themselves particularly well to providing greater visibility into business processes and system performance. Traditionally, the areas of systems management, business management, and management of application interfaces have been separate technologies and problem domains. However, SOAs allow companies to pursue a unified approach towards managing their businesses and their systems in a more holistic fashion.

As such, this paper explores how companies can take a broader view of Web Services and system management and solve those problems using a well-crafted, service-oriented set of solutions. Finally, this paper introduces the reader to the Computer Associates’ set of management products. In particular, Unicenter Web Services Distributed Management (WSDM), together with CA’s infrastructure management products forms a comprehensive solution for managing Web services, businesses, services, and system assets to help businesses meet their ever-changing requirements.

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