The Critical Need for Entitlement Management in SOA

Entitlements are the corporate, industry and contractual rules that determine access privileges to resources for a specific individuals, groups of individuals, applications, or even Services. Entitlement Management is the administration, enforcement, auditing, and review of policies for determining whether a particular entity is entitled to take a particular action or access a particular bit of information, given the context of the request. Because entitlements are a form of policy, Entitlement Management is a form of policy management, which is an integral part of SOA governance for those organizations who are implementing Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Securent’s Entitlement Management Solution provides scalable, flexible Entitlement Management functionality that extracts and loosely couples access control from underlying individual applications, providing policy enforcement at a finer level of granularity, and with greater precision, than any Web Single Sign-On approach to access management. Furthermore, since Securent exposes its Entitlement Management capabilities as standards-based Services, any organization implementing SOA can include Securent’s capabilities as an integral part of their SOA rollout.

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